Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In this day in age if you are not on some kind of social media you almost seem alien to the majority. Social media has become a very strong tool for businesses to use to grab the attention of a wider audience. 

At psyborg® we can help link and create content for you to get you started with social marketing. Social Media is one of those touchpoints that has the potential to really grow your business in a fairly easy and cheap manner. You can read more about social media and how to use social media as a marketing tool here.

Designing for On Boarding

Designing for Onboarding

On boarding is the process of putting on a new employee and ensuring they fit with your culture. It is a tool that you can use to attract the right employees to your business and filter particular employees out. I recently met with client, Craig McGregor from Hunter Recruitment Group where we discussed this in detail and I elaborate further in this article.

Design. The Secret Weapon

Why is design the secret weapon behind any communication strategy. Using the recent ‘Sunflowers for Jess’​ campaign that I worked on I explore why this is by showing how design creates perception transferring to expectation motivating action and getting results!

Media Releases

How to Write A Media Release

In this article I discuss the value of Media Releases, when to write them and how to write them including advice from Darrell Croker from Halage Media and Sub-editor of The Australian and the Newcastle Herald.

What is Your Point of Differentiation?

What is your point of differentiation?

When developing the creative direction of any kind of communication it is important to consider and articulate your Point of Differentiation. What makes you different from your competitors? Once you understand this, this can be a great way to express your brand and messaging in promoting your product or service to the marketplace.


Interview with Troy and Luke from the IDHTTW Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Troy and Luke from the IDHTTW Podcast. In this interview we discuss how and why I got into business, the hustle, Australian entrepreneurship culture, following your dreams and much, much more…

Career Conversations podcast

Interview with Craig McGregor from Career Conversations Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Craig McGregor from the Careers & Conversations Podcast where Craig conducts recorded interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs, high level managers…

How to Ask for Testimonials

How to Ask for Testimonials

A testimonial is a recommendation from a satisfied customer conveying the performance, quality and value of a service or product. They can be requested for or just given when work has been completed. In this article I explain how you can ask for testimonials.

Where is your Brand Positioned?

Where is your Brand Positioned?

Have you ever thought about or determined where your brand sits amongst it’s competitors? In this article I discuss brand positioning and why understanding this can help you when creating your brand.

New Ways to Advertise Your Business Online

Two new ways to advertise your business online

In this video and article I explain Google Remarketing and Facebook Pixel which are two relatively new methods businesses can use to advertise online and digitally.

Content Marketing Speeds Up Trust

Content Marketing Speeds Up Trust

In this video and blog article I explain how content marketing can help build trust and generate business. Unlike other marketing, content marketing must give customers something useful… content…

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