Don't underestimate your perception in the marketplace.

Based in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, at psyborg® we help companies thrive & grow through creativity & design thinking.

We love to establish good relationships with our clients so we can help them express their brand across all visual communication channels in turn empowering them to be perceived as innovators, leaders and game changers.

What I’m thinking about…

Declare War On Coronavirus!

Declare War On Coronavirus!

We are at war with an invisible monster and it’s up to each of us to remain vigilant and follow the advice of the experts so we know the signs and can stop the spread.
These WWII war propaganda posters are the best way I know to inspire, motivate & remind us to be vigilant and follow the advice of science.

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What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Successful products or services only make money when they make people’s lives easier. People are creatures of habit and by making others lives easier, a business will take the stress out of their customers day … which is why we are willing to pay our hard earned money in return. In this article I explore the notion of understanding ‘what problem your business solves’ and how this knowledge can be leveraged in your brand building.

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The Stories Behind Brands

The Stories Behind Brands

When referring to a brands story I am talking about the story that creates the brand.

A story isn’t just about what you say about yourself or what you tell the customer/client to believe, it’s also about what they think about you based on their personal experience. Once they tell someone about their experience, your story begins to grow in authenticity.

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Untethered Podcast

Untethered & raw conversations providing real insight into business, brand development & design thinking. Daniel Borg from psyborg® has been operating a lean and agile design studio for over 14 years … in this podcast he meets with his various clients and colleagues to discuss business life, business challenges and how we all will adapt, evolve and pivot to the new environment.

Daniel Borg


Building Better Humans Podcast

Building Better Humans Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Glenn Azar from the Building Better Humans Podcast where Glenn interviews business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders on what it takes to achieve your goals …


Interview with Troy and Luke from the IDHTTW Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Troy and Luke from the IDHTTW Podcast. In this interview we discuss how and why I got into business, the hustle, Australian entrepreneurship culture, following your dreams and much, much more…

Career Conversations podcast

Interview with Craig McGregor from Career Conversations Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Craig McGregor from the Careers & Conversations Podcast where Craig conducts recorded interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs, high level managers…

Location Station Podcast

Interview with Dave Eddy from The Location Station Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Dave Eddy from the business and location marketing podcast, The Location Station…

Mark Bouris interviews Daniel Borg

Guest Podcast with Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris is an Australian businessman who is best known as the founder and chairman of ‘Wizard Home Loans’, Australia’s second largest non-bank mortgage lender behind Aussie Home Loans…

Building Better Humans Project Podcast

Building Better Humans Project Podcast

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Building Better Humans podcast hosted by Glenn Azar…

Project Spotlight

We recently worked with Sandvik Global in helping them develop the branding and design communications for there recent innovations in underground drilling and bolting technologies.

We worked with Sandvik’s Global Product Manager, Peter Young, in capturing and art directing the photography required, summarising and determining the content and layout required and the professional graphic design of the various digital and print brochures, advertising and supportive media to be used by the global sales team.


Brands we've worked with

Raffertys Resort