Adopt an Apprentice Campaign
After a chance meeting at a networking event I invited Daniel to discuss a project we had recently gained funding to produce. Daniel initiated the meeting with a professional and yet personal presentation which immediately gave us complete faith that he would be as enthusiastic about delivering the desired outcome as we were.

Daniel met our brief… and then some! He took our idea a ran with it!

The brief was complex as there were essentially 2 target demographics, Employers and Apprentices but Daniel managed to format the design to be appealing to both and the interactive website simplistic and user friendly.

Daniel from psyborg’s professional but personable approach makes you feel like he is a dedicated part of your team and as focused on the outcome as you are. He is passionate and takes great pride in his work.

Martyn Leist

Project Manager, NovaSkill

NovaSkill Stationery
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NovaSkill Stationery

About this project

We worked with NovaSkill on the branding of their business. We consulted on the logo design and corporate stationary design.