My Top 5 Tech Movies

Although these stories are fictional, they give us insight into what could be, helping us to prepare for the social, ethical and cultural questions coming our way.

Paper is so 1990’s

Paper is so 1990’s

In today’s society everything is digital. There are clouds to store information, easy to use and reasonably cheap scanners and things in the form of papers in the letter box seem to be getting less and less each year. You no longer need a phone book to find a number, a text book to research an idea or a stamp to send a message to someone…

The Neuroscience of Branding

The Neuroscience of Branding

I caught up with Shannon Bosshard, a young and energetic PHD student whom I previously connected with when he approached me to help him with his new business venture, Neuro Consulting Australia, where I am helping him set up his new website…

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