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Surf, Sand and Silicon: Unveiling Redhead's Coastal R&D Lab.

Daniel & Josh

In the quiet, beachside suburb of Redhead, where the tranquil sounds of the ocean are often the backdrop for the daily lives of its residents, a revolution is brewing in a modest backyard shed. Here, Joshua Leask is redefining the concept of research and development (R&D) through his innovative approach to advanced manufacturing.

Joshua’s lab is not your average backyard project. It is a mini-factory equipped with state-of-the-art tools that one might only expect to find in industrial complexes. Alongside the formidable SYIL X7 CNC machine, Joshua has at his disposal a suite of advanced manufacturing tools. There’s a 3D printer, capable of bringing digital designs to life in plastic and composite materials. A laser resin printer offers the ability to create highly detailed parts and prototypes with fine precision. A CNC Plasma Cutter, which complements the capabilities of the SYIL machine, allows for the carving of larger pieces from wood, plastic, and light metals. Finally, a laser cutter stands ready to slice through various materials with pinpoint accuracy, creating components for a vast array of applications.

CAD Operation

The presence of these tools in Joshua’s lab is a testament to the versatility and innovation potential of local businesses. It challenges the traditional boundaries of manufacturing and showcases how, with the right technology and expertise, high-quality manufacturing is not just the domain of large factories but can be achieved in smaller, personalised settings.

Josh with prototype

The story of Joshua’s backyard lab resonates with the mission of Caves Connect, a business networking platform designed to shine a light on local businesses in the Caves Beach area and beyond. Joshua’s work epitomises the ingenuity and community spirit that Caves Connect seeks to promote. It’s a story of how local businesses can punch above their weight, harnessing the power of technology and networking to create products that stand on the cutting edge of innovation.

Daniel Borg

Daniel Borg

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